Our brains are great at recognizing stressors

Our brains are great at noticing even the smallest signs of threat in our environment. But maybe they’re too great. These days, our brains rarely ‘turn off’ our stress response unless we practice doing it intentionally.


Adrenals: at the center of stress response 

When your brain senses danger, the adrenal glands pump out chemicals to make you very aware and sensitive to your surroundings. But if this happens too often, it can leave you feeling out of balance, overwhelmed and anxious. And even though this can feel exhausting, you may find it harder to fall asleep. 

Adrenals and anxiety

Adaptogenic herbs are all about balance

Adaptogens are a class of herbs revered for their balancing effects. They are used to support our bodies’ natural responses to stress, fatigue, and more. Their actions let you take them both over long periods of time and as a rapid response to short-term situations. In short, they make for ideal herbal tools to personalize and respond to the variety of stressors women face every day.